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the nathan report
Monday, 9 January 2012
Mood:  sad
Topic: The RIGHT Path
The Nathan Report vol. 1.2

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Has our Nation become thoroughly Paranoid of Terrorist?
answer:  YES! definitely. absolutely.

On the University of Texas in Austin Campus, Rev. Nathan Von Griffin entered into the  Mccombs Business school building where a coffee shop, thought of as generally {public domain} and used by the general public is set.

 Rev. Nathan Von Griffin, who regularly attended a Friday night Bible Study their with foreign students and sometimes meets students who participate in a local Street Ministry in Austin TX, sat to drink a cup of hot tea out of the cold.

  But on one particular day, this winter, was met by a K-nine Police unit. Who expressly presented the building as being off limits to the general public and therefore {non-public domain}.

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The officer, further threatened to create an instant criminal trespassing case.  The astonished Minister stood as students watched while the K-nine unit conducted a radio call-in investigation to check Rev. Griffin's background for warrants and previous arrests or encounters with Police.

Rev. Nathan Von Griffin, a U.S. Veteran of Foreign War, who was not aware of any {non-public domain ordinances} for the University of Texas in Austin, and has no felonious criminal history, was issued a formal warning; to stay off the University of Texas Campus.

  Apparently there is a {non-public domain ordinance} for the University of Texas Campus, and it is apparent further, that  we have become a terrorist-paranoid Police State of some kind in the process.

The University of Texas in Austin, does after all have very good reason to be persuaded towards standing in paranoia. 

 A University of Texas student once carried a rifle on campus during the holiday season last year and began shooting at random.

 The student carried the weapon into a library, which happens to be located just  across the street from the Mccombs Business school building;
{where Rev. Nathan was sitting in this particular situation}.

 The student then, entered the PCL or Perry Castella Library, while running from University Police, passed a security guard with the weapon in hand,
even so much as waived at the Security guard in the process; he proceeded to the upper floors where the student finally then took the weapon; turned it on himself and killed himself.

  The University of Texas had somehow surpassed it's image of being the only {terrorist University}in the United States; when a student on the campus of  Virginia Tech, had begun a  killing-spree there, walking across campus and killing other students in that case, then killing himself.

  In prior years; the University of Texas in Austin only had one famous incident, that dated back to the 60's; when a student took up occupation in the top of it's  University Tower and began shooting across campus from a-top there, until confronted by a Police officer who then proceeded to shoot and kill the student who was also armed with a rifle.

Since then, the University of Texas  has adopted a {non-public domain policy} for all buildings forbidding use of the campus by non-students.

Thus we have become a publicly-paranoid society in fear of terrorist everywhere.  The question now arises as to whether or not a formerly public University should be entitled to openly public State and Federal funding.

  The University's Private Property non-public domain status, puts it in the category of a Private University and displaces it as a {non-public University facility}.

Other Veterans who have tried to enroll or make use of the University of Texas Libraries and facilities have also expressed disdain at the policy. " It leaves you with the feeling of having foreigners given entitlement to take over your country"  says Rev. Griffin, that's the general consensus I get from talking to other Veterans. 

You come home to the USA to see foreigners everywhere but they are treated as citizens; --->YOU<--- are treated as the foreigner.  And the University of Texas seems to discourage Veteran's of Foreign War from entering it's campus or even being qualified to enroll there.


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Posted by rev.nathanvongriffin at 8:56 PM MST
Thursday, 2 December 2010
Mood:  energetic
Topic: The RIGHT Path



Join Pressmania! A New Republican Party?


Is the Republican Party still overtly hostile towards African American males?

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In the Gerald Ford years the answer to this question was an obvious definite yes;

 then later followed by the Reagan years to be yet followed by the Bush years of Bush 1 and Bush 2.


It seems however, as if you can’t see any real measurable difference from the former to the latter.

 African American males have conservative stances and constituencies, just as Whites, Latinos, and other races.

 But somehow you don’t seem to “feel the Love” as an African American male seeking to voice those views in the Republican Party.


It can be argued that African American males are now sparingly seen around and near the party,

 but it’s very hard to imagine some of its main constituents endorsing a Black Republican candidate for President.

 Imagine if you will a Rush Limbaugh endorsing a Republican candidate for President who happens to be an African American, what words would he use??!


There are no known Republican talk show host or commentators that support or endorse African American Republicans.

 John McCain may well have succeeded in winning the Presidential election if maybe he would have put an African American male candidate on the ticket instead of a woman.


Let’s take for example Lynn Swan; an African American Republican, who came out in support of George Bush II to win over a huge number of

 Black votes on Bush’s behalf during an election campaign.

 Lynn Swan has huge notoriety for being a former NFL Superbowl hero as a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers,

 during the 80’s.


Perhaps if John McCain had selected Lynn Swan as his Vice Presidential candidate;

 we would today be seeing Lyn Swan mania fever. We would then be in Lynn Swan euphoria.



It would appear then that the Republican Party would be able to illustrate how its radical racial biases are all a thing of the past.

There are other conservative African American males who would categorize themselves as more Republican than Democratic,

 but you see very few coming forward by open invitation in campaigns around the nation.


Former General Colin Powell’s isolation looked so complete in the Republican Party,

 that his endorsement of Barack Obama shifted a huge consensus of conservative black votes to the Democratic ticket.

Now today you can’t really relate any authentic African American conservatives to the Republican Party, without him looking like some kind of uncle Tom.

In the African American community; Michael Steele, the short sighted, semi-appointed party President,

 comes across as nothing more than the Party pawn put in the middle of the board, or a pansy yes man.

It doesn’t help that he was appointed →{after}← an African American becomes President of the United States from it’s archrival Party the Democrats.

Is this the kind of public  image the Republican Party would like to maintain?  The very appearance of Sycophancy is quite offensive to African Americans.

The Republican Party is likely to lose ground in a big way over this issue in time;

 especially if a New Party should emerge in the U.S. legislative demographics.

If and when a new Party emerges in such a way that it gains a foothold in American Society,

 and establishes itself in the Legislative body, a major shift in American policy is likely to ensue.


One that will diminish the Republican Party to such a minute status, one will ever wonder how it ever came to power in the first place.


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A “New Republican Party” could take the forefront with a “new agenda”,

 that revolutionizes American politics to include more African American participation along with other minorities.

 But this could also lead to further development of more radical far left leaning parties surpassing the Democratic rivals.

An American Communist or Socialist Party that inadvertently gains momentum and traction from Political woos,

natural disasters and other unforeseen events that may help its cause.

 Each party desperately seeking to expand its demography, to include African American male votes and support.


The luxuries taken for granted, enjoyed by the two Party system we have today in America,

may well soon dissipate and leave the entire country with an identity that has no bearing on its past.


An American Socialist Party for example would benefit from capitalism in this country; something other nations do not have.

 Being able to trade, buy and sell in ways not heard of in other parts of the world where Socialism and Communism have been tried before.


Our country by and large seems to veer in that direction when it repudiates it’s Judean Christian values, allowing them to fall away.

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Prayer removed from schools; has already caused America to resemble other Communist and Socialist societies.

Where children are given no direction to believe in GOD or to assimilate GOD and country with meaning and purpose in life.

The basic principles of the Judean Christian family is gone with youngsters being fed Gay and Lesbian ideologies only,

 which are all anti-Christ.


Posted by rev.nathanvongriffin at 12:42 PM MST
Updated: Thursday, 2 December 2010 11:42 AM MST
Monday, 15 October 2007
The Nathan Report
Topic: The RIGHT Path
                                         The Nathan Report


            I am only one Baby-boomer that has witnessed the change of the ages  and have witnessed the dawning of the "{Age of Aquarius}" to now the eve and winter season after it's funeral. 


 The meaning and purpose of times events, linguistics and philosophy has also gone with it. 

 Suppose we were to embark upon a Subject area of the meaning of Right versus left, defined with Wrong versus Right.

Then  compared to Conservative versus ultra-Liberal; or Straight ( Christian family oriented values) vs Irational undefined meaningless purposeless jargon .


then moving on to  (Ultra-liberal gay values) and what we get today are a whole list and array of meaningless, purposeless jargon.

 Not to mention some very hostile and strong points of view and opinions on both sides. 

If we were to further complicate things even heavier by introducing a strong Religious perspective {specifically Classical Christianity and  that which is for-Christ}.

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As on one side of the argument  develops as opposed to the other side of the perspective{that which is against-Christ, Ultra-Liberal agendas or anti-Christ}.

Now! We've embarked upon what are to become some of the defining episodes and initiation of WORLD WAR III.

It is written in the Holy Bible, that " the fool has said in his heart, there is no GOD"  What perspective can we support this argument from in todays jargon? 


 Today there are many vague and unspecified arguments of dogma that were once never popular and never consistent with, or considered relevant to anything significant. 


 The homosexuals and Ultra-Liberals of today appear in the Church of all places and even in the Clergy {for what reason, some of us don't know why!}.




For some reason; again, I point to the truth of matters how everything has become meaningless jargon with these kind of people.  Using non-words such as --->homo phobia<---- where did this meaningless and purposes vocabulary come from?



  They also take the position of being Aetheist and believing in the "Survival of the fittest".  

 They do not define specifically their sex on applications of employment or for statements of fact in a court of law. 


{Some dressing as women or men, when their birth sex is apparently the opposite}. 


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I often wonder how a homosexual can argue the position of "Survival of the fittest"  when they cannot naturally reproduce in the first place, and further when it is an established clinical fact that their activity generates desease and sickness by it's very nature! 

 {semon or sperm from one man placed  in the bowel of another man, has already been  clinically determined to destroy the immune system.,

Hence leading to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS}.

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 Of course when describing the origin of AIDS to them! (they begin pointing a finger towards Africa) as if their activity here in America comes from way over there.!!!


 Then you have the Lesbians in favor of abortion and desirous to be in the clergy of the Church!!! 

When it is made apparent in the Holy Bible that "women even stop the natural use of the man".

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And it is clearly written "man shall lie with mankind nor women with womankind for this says the LORD is abomination"

   ABOMINATION!: Isn't that the word that means detestable and immediately refused?

::: (An example of Abomination is where say you have been sat down to dine to eat, but what is place before you to dine is a dead carcus filled with flies and maggits and the stinch is completely unbearable!) :::

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This extreme example should provoke offense towards the one who brought this type of meal before you in the first place; but further it is something that you as a decent Christian human being.

 would assume by virtue of what you are and who you are that no one would dare consider bringing this to your presence or even think it!

 Then we have the Homosexual racist; this is a really strange one!


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 A homosexual who is a irrational can they get!!! mean where his race is superior to another one's race? let's think this through now....they cannot  reproduce naturally or procreate...they spread AIDS and desease by virtue of what they are!....but he believes that he is superior to another due to his race!????.

..hmmmm...OK...what's next?!! W

Well we have the minority homosexuals...another irrational group...get this! MINORITY HOMOSEXUAL

????..hmmm Timeshares - Button


....~~{you mean where the race is already small in numbers and variety, buy they want to promote and even have the tamarity to demand some kind of increase to their group or status}!!!!  Even over standard fundamental Judeo Christian family values ; where theres' simply a man a woman and children.  hmmm....  In the civil rights era all around the world, many men died for the right to just vote and work out an existence and now we have this!


whoooooaaa--->you've got to be kidding me here!!!;  We then have Lesbians claiming to be equal to men.   ????...another irrational completely meaningless purpose in life.    Why????... What good does it do to be equal to a man.  ????

 We have many of these people desiring to change the  Conservative Christian status quo and even declare war on conservative Judeo Christian values and organizations.


 {And further deliberately dragging innocent non for profit organizations who have established themselves as fundamental to good Christian values of purpose and rightful meaning in our country and even the world such as the Boy Scouts of America before the U.S. Congress for example}.

 and suing Churches for upholding their freedoms of Religion and freedoms of Speech. 

 I only assert to you that putting meaningless and purposeless vocabulary infront of rightfully established Christian Judeo values has brought us to one point in time: and that is , we have only scratched the surface of the prelude to WORLD WAR III.

Posted by rev.nathanvongriffin at 1:25 PM MDT
Updated: Monday, 30 August 2010 12:10 PM MDT

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