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the nathan report
Monday, 9 January 2012
University Policy
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: The Path backto the Right
The Nathan Report vol. 1.2

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Has our Nation become thoroughly Paranoid of Terrorist?
answer:  YES! definitely. absolutely.

On the University of Texas in Austin Campus, Rev. Nathan Von Griffin entered into the  Mccombs Business school building where a coffee shop, thought of as generally {public domain} and used by the general public is set.

 Rev. Nathan Von Griffin, who regularly attended a Friday night Bible Study their with foreign students and sometimes meets students who participate in a local Street Ministry in Austin TX, sat to drink a cup of hot tea out of the cold.

  But on one particular day, this winter, was met by a K-nine Police unit. Who expressly presented the building as being off limits to the general public and therefore {non-public domain}.

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The officer, further threatened to create an instant criminal trespassing case.  The astonished Minister stood as students watched while the K-nine unit conducted a radio call-in investigation to check Rev. Griffin's background for warrants and previous arrests or encounters with Police.

Rev. Nathan Von Griffin, a U.S. Veteran of Foreign War, who was not aware of any {non-public domain ordinances} for the University of Texas in Austin, and has no felonious criminal history, was issued a formal warning; to stay off the University of Texas Campus.

  Apparently there is a {non-public domain ordinance} for the University of Texas Campus, and it is apparent further, that  we have become a terrorist-paranoid Police State of some kind in the process.

The University of Texas in Austin, does after all have very good reason to be persuaded towards standing in paranoia. 

 A University of Texas student once carried a rifle on campus during the holiday season last year and began shooting at random.

 The student carried the weapon into a library, which happens to be located just  across the street from the Mccombs Business school building;
{where Rev. Nathan was sitting in this particular situation}.

 The student then, entered the PCL or Perry Castella Library, while running from University Police, passed a security guard with the weapon in hand,
even so much as waived at the Security guard in the process; he proceeded to the upper floors where the student finally then took the weapon; turned it on himself and killed himself.

  The University of Texas had somehow surpassed it's image of being the only {terrorist University}in the United States; when a student on the campus of  Virginia Tech, had begun a  killing-spree there, walking across campus and killing other students in that case, then killing himself.

  In prior years; the University of Texas in Austin only had one famous incident, that dated back to the 60's; when a student took up occupation in the top of it's  University Tower and began shooting across campus from a-top there, until confronted by a Police officer who then proceeded to shoot and kill the student who was also armed with a rifle.

Since then, the University of Texas  has adopted a {non-public domain policy} for all buildings forbidding use of the campus by non-students.

Thus we have become a publicly-paranoid society in fear of terrorist everywhere.  The question now arises as to whether or not a formerly public University should be entitled to openly public State and Federal funding.

  The University's Private Property non-public domain status, puts it in the category of a Private University and displaces it as a {non-public University facility}.

Other Veterans who have tried to enroll or make use of the University of Texas Libraries and facilities have also expressed disdain at the policy. " It leaves you with the feeling of having foreigners given entitlement to take over your country"  says Rev. Griffin, that's the general consensus I get from talking to other Veterans. 

You come home to the USA to see foreigners everywhere but they are treated as citizens; --->YOU<--- are treated as the foreigner.  And the University of Texas seems to discourage Veteran's of Foreign War from entering it's campus or even being qualified to enroll there.


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