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political points of view
Nathans Comments
Wednesday, 27 October 2010
Mood:  bright
Topic: political points of view

                   Nathan Services Inc Blog1 judge c thomas






Comments by Nathanservicesinc: YES: A formal written apology from Anita Hill should be due as of the appointment day date after confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Judge Clarence Thomas has been rightfully selected and confirmed by Congress to the U.S. Supreme Court after overcoming some unusual scrutiny and mean spirited testimony against him before a congressional committee.


His wife endured shamefully hateful misspoken words against her husband and has every right to; not just ask for an apology, but also demand one as well.



Mrs. Thomas should formally demand an apology from Anita Hill in writing or insist that testimony made against her husband be recognized as perjury before a congressional committee and further that a finished prosecution stand as a result.


Testimony given before a Congressional Hearing by Anita Hill has been proven over time to have been misleading and wrongfully brought forward.


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Judge Clarence Thomas has endured much ridicule with serious criticisms over the years also; while demonstrating in his personal life and public commitment to his sworn duty; leads a quiet and peaceable life with behavior, fitting for such an appointment. And therefore rendering the decision to confirm a right and prudent one indeed.


A Better Selection at a Better Price!


We have also learned some interesting points of wisdom viewed by Judge Clarence Thomas as relevant to his appointment while sitting on the Supreme Court. One particular example has been his Judicial Review of Affirmative Action.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION raises all eyebrows from all sides of its argument when brought to the table of negotiations.

But judge Clarence Thomas not being desirous to be cast as a sycophant to any White Supremacist derelictions; repudiated Affirmative Action as being neither Affirmative nor an action worthy of his judicial merits.


Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation To illustrate his sense of reviewing Affirmative action; Judge Clarence Thomas would see himself as say a [Sammy Davis Jr.,a Michael Jackson, or a Bill Cosby] would see themselves in their respective offices of gifts and talents; who never needed Affirmative action to place them in the top echelons of their categories on any level of seeking appointment or promotion; whether by approval of others or even just plain chance.


                  Timeshares - Button To agree with Affirmative action Judge Clarence would find himself in the eyes of say a White supremacist who looks upon him as an inferior in need of some special kind of arrangement to acquire an appointment or promotion for his category of services.


As a sycophant or {one who sucks up}; that acknowledges himself as a lesser being.

To repudiate these absurd notions; Judge Thomas would have to oppose Affirmative action altogether and maintain his belief in himself his gifts and talents in every category for any promotion or appointment sought.

Establishing a principle that he firmly believes in; that a man is a man. And his gifts and talents stand on their own merits.

Therefore no special arrangement is necessary for any promotion in any category for any appointment of office that he rightfully qualifies for.

Judge Clarence Thomas has indeed enlightened us in this respect.

His selection and confirmation to the Supreme Court has truly succeeded to be right and just; and he is most certainly entitled to an apology from {Ms. Wreck-less Feckless} otherwise known as Anita Hill.

Posted by rev.nathanvongriffin at 6:39 PM EDT
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